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Easily the coolest screensaver! View scheduled Star Alliance member airline flights in real time or accelerated mode to view movements over a 24 hour period.

Be careful, you may not want to leave your desk when the screensaver pops up.

Customise your Screensaver

The Star Alliance Screensaver has many features which can be accessed through the StarSaver Options dialogue box. In all modes, the Star Alliance Screensaver displays your computer time and the number of Star Alliance member airline scheduled flights in the air.When installed, the Display Properties / Screen Saver / StarSaver options box is displayed. The default setting is accelerated. The Real Time setting will display random Star Alliance member airline flights around the world.Additionally, projection can be selected as either Cylindrical or Mercator. Cylindrical shows the globe, including the poles, in cylindrical perspective, while Mercator flattens and concentrates on the populated areas of the globe.The Star Alliance Screensaver options can be modified at any time by right clicking on your Windows desktop, selecting / Properties / Screensaver / Settings. Installing the Star Alliance Screensaver will also install the Star Alliance FlightLookup Auto Update Conduit.