Star Alliance Employees Portal

About Staralliance

The team

Star Alliance Services GmbH is based in Frankfurt, Germany, and the team is highly international, with about 75 employees from about 25 countries.


The mission

"Executing leadership in managing a portfolio of alliance products and services using an agreed process."

Star Alliance member airlines fly to more destinations than the competition - and that means easier travel and quicker connections. The main goal has always been to make the travel experience smoother. So the member airlines are located closer together in airports, introducing new technologies, building common facilities at airports, coordinating schedules and installing connection teams for faster transfers. There are many other Star Alliance initiatives, and many more in the pipeline.

The brand

The brand - including the familiar star-shaped logo - represents the promise that the alliance strives to deliver, and it lets the customer know that wherever they are in the world, the alliance is there to help them enjoy a smooth travel experience.